Sunday, 24 February 2013

Clutter busting

My wardrobe tidying exercise is progressing. Slowly.  I sometimes have a hard job letting go of stuff I no longer wear, and coping with the 'what if' or 'just in case' scenario.

I found  a good blog today which I intend to explore further, but a few of the posts I read certainly struck a chord with me and buoyed up by that, I intend to be ruthless.  

I have been quite ruthless, for me, today. I spent a good couple of hours listing stuff on ebay, and I only took one thing off again. (Normal practice for me: I 'talk it up' and then make it sound so good I wonder why I am selling it.)  I've probably told you I'm indecisive... better not mention I sometimes wonder if I know my own mind?!

In other progress, I bought some lavender sachets and hanging cedar things from Lakeland. These will be very nice once I have a cleared out, organised space in which to hang them :-)  Some may say 'procrastination'; I say 'forward planning / motivation'. 

A quick outfit pic from yesterday. It was 'minding the parents' day so I threw on some old things (well the top half is/are, more of the bottom half later...) and was pleased with the ancient Jigsaw cardigan I discovered. See - there is a reason why I hang onto stuff..... sometimes.

I decided to buy both the River Island jeggings and the Topshop Jamie skinny jeans from my post the other day, mainly because I am useless at deciding. But also because they both felt really good. Even 5 year old agreed with me on that point, but then - he is apt to say anything if he thinks it will get him nearer M&S and the obligatory 'Percy Pig' sweets (treat for schlepping around very boring shops with Mummy).  

I wore the jeggings yesterday, and again today, though I did have an alarming super-muffin moment this evening. Just in the nick of time as well, I was about to tuck into a large pizza.  We'll gloss over that  however, and declare the jeggings a success anyway. 

My new rule of thumb - if you want to wear something straight away / keep wearing it, that's a good sign.

Toast knitted tunic
Navy blue Jigsaw silk / angora cardigan (v old)
River Island navy blue 'Molly' jeggings (new)
Topshop boots (old)


  1. I am having a huge sort out at the moment - I am being utterly ruthless and my hubby is hating it!! I am the opposite to you I think. I love to de clutter and see space appearing. I have listed a load on e.bay this weekend too - free insertion fees wasn't it? I am tackling the boys bedroom this week : ( X

  2. Whoops - forgot to put stuff on Ebay today as it was a free listings day - just as well as one item I was going to put on, I am going to reinstate and see how I feel. I have Jamie jeans - ridculously comfy aren't they?

  3. You can't have too many pairs of skinnies and you never know when they won't be so easy to find, so those are practically guilt free purchases.
    Put your ebay links up, you have such classic stuff we would probably all bid!

  4. I think its great that you are falling back in love with old items, a real case of "shop your wardrobe"! x

  5. Love the Toast Knitted Tunic! I also need to list some things on ebay. Have purchased a lovely wooden dummy for showing the clothes off.

  6. Congratulations on your wardrobe, I'm doing a similar thing this month. Love the tunic and cardigan!

  7. I have been thinking of having a clearout. Must be spring.


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