Wednesday, 26 December 2012

I succumbed to Boxing Day consumerism...

...and here is my Topshop sales haul:

Patent phone sleeve - £5. I saw it the other day while Christmas shopping, stroked it and put it back as I already have a perfectly nice turquoise Smythson phone sleeve - but for £5 this is fun, will make a change, and I love the colour.

Mid heel ballerina shoes - leather - £15. Any leather shoe at £15 is likely to attract my interest - but being on the short side, a mid heeled shoe in a ballerina style is an ideal combination for me. Will be good with crops for spring.  NB also available in snake print but alas not in my size...

Rhinestone shield earrings and curve bar earrings - they just caught my eye :-)  (I may keep, I may stash somewhere in my 'handy gifts for teenagers' department.)

Ladder stripe sweater in black - £12 - looks good over a simple vest top - revealing but still demure for the rare occasions I go out for dinner.

I am now off to look wistfully at holiday websites and wish I had the time, funds and wherewithall to escape for a rest...and when I've done that I shall be heading over to bathroom suppliers' websites to see if there are any bathroom bargains to be had - I am treating myself to a new bathroom in 2013!

Hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas.


  1. Hello! Just found your blog, I managed to pop out for a few hours today but came back empty handed! Gap are doing an extra 20% off today, very temped by a cashmere jumper which would work out at just over £20. Natalie x

  2. I shopped online and bought a coat from Zara and new bed linen from Debenhams.

  3. I've bought three handbags from Harrods and a pair of Jimmy Choo's will post when they arrive x

  4. I have bought zilch but I am going in to Leeds tomorrow so who knows what may end up coming home with me yet. I need a little shopping TLC.


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