Monday, 3 December 2012

More notes from (another) shopping expedition

As it says on the tin really, am very short of time, but just 'reporting in' from a shopping trip today. Mainly Christmas shopping (i.e. not for me!) but a few things I felt were too good to miss:

H&M sparkly top dress - really nice - £14.99 - bought? Kerching - you bet!!

H&M hessian sack.... er no wait, actually long knit tunic - for some reason I can't quite fathom - also really like. Bought. £24.00 - unsure why so much more than dress?

H&M zip front dress. Liked. Bought. OH decalres it tarty (?!). Ignoring him for the time being, naturellement - until I get YOUR verdict...!

H&M red crops. Similar to some from Boden which I never got around to ordering. Didn't get. (a) too springlike. (b) Bad fit at rear.

 Sparkly skirt from Topshop. Velvet fabric, stretchy. Should have been great.

But how annoying it is when the patterns don't match at the sides?!  Didn't get. Not terribly flattering over the lumps and bumps anyway I felt. Probably made worse by fact that tried on over trousers as was getting fed up / tired - so didn't give it my best shot!

Shopping ensemble (only included for benefit of decent lighting!)

Love the H&M dress - am out this evening and am wearing it :-)


  1. That H&M dress is stunning. 14.99? Unbelievable. Great buy. And no, the zippy one is not tarty ... what would the OH know about such things ?!! :)

  2. love the H and M dress - may pop into H and M tomorrow as I am in town :)

  3. The H&M dress with sparkles really suits - it's a really good neckline on you. And fantastic price - I didn't see that one on my travels today but admittedly I wasn't looking for sequinned dresses. I don't have much call for them - even the one I have has only had one outing so far. The black one with zip - is not dissimilar to the Zara red one you have? I personally think to stay with the Zara one and leave the H&M one this time. The hessian sack tunic - sometimes we just like things - good enough reason. I do that as well even though I should know better and everyone is telling me otherwise. You look comfortable and happy with it. The Topshop skirt - they need a slap. A big slap.

  4. I like the 'tarty' dress! I like the zip detail and I think you could always wear a colourful scarf. The sparkly H&M number is a bar-har-gain and looks really good on you. I like 'the sack' this too could be dressed up with a zingy scarf or maybe cinched in with a belt. Boo to the topshop skirt, not matching the pattern is just lazy.

  5. Love the first two H&M things you bought, the sparkly dress is fab!

  6. your little blog.....please keep doing it, I keep looking every day to see if youve been on......think you and the other lovely ladies have inspired me to have a go myself.....maybe....!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind comments! :-) x


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