Monday, 17 December 2012

A shadow of my former self

Due to various matters outside the happy world of fashion, style and blogging, I am feeling rather under the weather. Let's just say tears have been shed over matters of the heart, and this is not the first Christmas I will remember with sadness. And I was feeling so positive and happy a few weeks ago.  Such is life, I am a big girl and will keep plodding on.

As to matters bloggy, today I wore a Helmut Lang beige / taupe (that old favourite, with me in good times and bad!) dress, with a black Gap t shirt underneath, my long White Company pendant and Aquitalia ankle boots from Russell and Bromley.

When I went out I added a Mulberry peplum jacket and a White Company tassell scarf.

Accessorised today (together with puffy eyes) with the Sainsbury's Zara-esque tote bag.

I hope everyone else is happy and well.

I wonder sometimes why my life has to be lived at such intensities of joy and sadness. Maybe it would be boring any other way....??!!


  1. Hope you're okay Anna. Drop me a line?

  2. Hope you are hanging in there. Christmas can be such a hard time when things aren't quite right - sending you love ! X

  3. I'm so sorry to hear that you're feeling down. Christmas can be a difficult time. Hang in there. And you're still looking gorgeous despite the puffy eyes. Take care of yourself. Helen

  4. Christmas as much as it is joyful, can bring painful reminders (I lost my Mum last Christmas and as much as I love the festivites I know it will never be the same again). Be easy on yourself, sending you a big hug.

  5. Hugs xxx

  6. your outfit and so glad youve posted again but sooo sorry that your upset (over matters of the heart)....if you want to talk about it, maybe it would help you to blog it.x

  7. You look lovely, so glad you posted, had missed you.
    Sorry u feel so sad, hope this season brings peace to you.

  8. Hugs - I hope you have found some happiness this Christmas, it can be a funny old time of year! You look fabulous anyway and I'm so
    pleased I have discovered your blog. I'm heading into my 40th year in 2013 (eek) and looking to re-find my fashion mojo :-) x


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