Friday, 2 November 2012

New White Company goodies

My order has arrived from The White Company.

So far 2 dresses and 2 scarves.  Not sure about the dress in the first picture. Bit too 'boobtastic' for my liking. Predictably, and sadly though, OH thinks it's great. :-/

I love the reversible snood - really cosy and quite a fine knit so it wraps and drapes well.

Pintuck dress and reversible stripe snood
The navy knitted dress is also lovely - like a long, slightly swingy crew necked sweater. Long enough to wear alone with thick tights, but I think it'll also work over skinny trousers as a tunic. Was a great bargain too - reduced to £77 from £110. It's 90% wool and 10% cashmere. The tassel scarf is huge - more like a shawl really, although it's also a lightweight texture and 'folds down' quite well.

Navy ribbed hem dress (has disappeared from website) and tassel scarf - huge enough to wear as shawl!

It was late before I managed to try everything on so am too tired to decide now. Will sleep on it...


  1. I had something similar to the first one but it eventually gave up the ghost but it was incredibly easy to wear. Men- they're all the same - a bit of the old heaving busoms thing and they're putty.

    I like the way you draped the tassel scarf but I have to admit it would do my head in to wear it like that.

    1. The first dress does have the potential to be a useful basic....on another figure! Without the snood it's too indecent for everyday wear (for me) - too deep a v-neck. Shame. I may return it for the navy jersey diamond insert dress and see how I get on with that.

      Or - I could check whether the jumper I originally wanted has come back into stock yet...! :-D

  2. Loving the second one and both scarves - nice choices! Love White Company, Ax

    1. Yep the 2nd one is a keeper :-)
      The White Company has some very tempting things at the moment. My willpower is being tested to the max! x

  3. Love the tassle scarf but must admit I don't like anything too low cut these days!


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