Monday, 12 November 2012

Several shades of navy

My day off today didn't go exactly according to plan (not in a bad way, just different).

Due to the weather I abandoned my plan to go to the nearest city for a bit of soggy retail therapy at the White Company, and headed even further into the rural hinterland instead.

Admittedly this little excursion did not net me any candles (or croissants actually) but did get a lovely lunch and reminder of what a beautiful part of the country we are lucky enough to live in.

Also got to spend some time with OH - which is a rarity as we both work irregular hours. We are like the proverbial ships passing in the night most of the time!

Lunch at The Red Lion.
When it looks this pretty, even I like the snow!
Today it was back to navy and neutrals, and I apologise for the photo which is another of my classic 'no matter what she's wearing it looks black' efforts....  Jacket and trousers actually navy.  (I've tried to enhance it with my picture software, but think I probably made it worse!)

Navy jersey blazer from New Look
Navy long line sweater from H&M
Navy skinny trousers from Primark
Boots from Primark (love these - and so comfortable)
(Code OCD20 for 20% off and free P&P at The White Company)


  1. Ash - You have me half laughing and shaking my head with your navy/black shots. I get the jist of the outfit and it looks nice from what I can see and the boots look funky. If you lived nearer - I'd come and sort you out ... well sort your photos out and I've not a technical bone in my body (anymore).

    1. I wish you could Sue! I am almost at the point of giving up and just doing everything in black and white. Must try harder (slaps wrist!)

  2. I love the outfit with the scarf. Oh well a nice lunch made up for the lack of candles! My photo's are dreadful so I wouldn't worry!

  3. At least you're brave enough to take your own pics. I'm completely useless and as my photo proficient pal is on holiday in Oz, it will be a while before I have any new ones to post! Sue, you're the expert ... you need to do a tutorial for us all :)


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