Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The prettiest things

Oh, I am a sucker for pretty things at the moment!

Continuing my quest for all things Christmassy led me to Poundland (the tackier the better where baubles are concerned I say! Although they were surprisingly nice).  While there I found some oh-so-cute little fairly lights to adorn my screen, pictures, desk, kitchen.... you name it, they would be perfect anywhere. And at £1 a pop?!!  (Last year I almost bought some on Amazon for about £9 and I thought THAT was good!)  I am planning to stock up - and at that price will be having 10 times as many as planned last year  - for same outlay :-)

Here they are (with apologies for the crumpled quilt cover in the 2nd photo....oh dear,  ironing is strictly on a 'needs must' basis nowadays....)

I also must share some fab earrings I found in M&S the other day.

They are (again, blush!) M&S Woman and silver plated.  £6.50. Look really good I think. I don't normally wear hoops but I do like these, and they look better in real life!  (My photography skills - or lack of! again.)

I saw a lady wearing some like it (may have been the same model) on the bus from the park and ride the other day (unlikely source of inspiration I know...) and admired them.  Lo and behold M&S came up trumps again.

Finally a tutorial for the 'long' snood - which admittedly requires a bit more fiddling than comes naturally to one such as me, so there are are a few more steps (only a few) than the the 3-step 'bung on head' approach I employed before. For your amusement here goes:

Snood in question is the reversible stripe snood from the White Company (tres toasty). Worn with White Company navy 'diamond insert' jersey dress (tres flattering).  Have a bit of a thing going on with White Company at moment. So much so that I've just received a £10 gift voucher!  (Then again, probably so has everyone else on their mailing list - times are hard!!)


  1. I shall be hot-footing it down to Poundland to get me mitts on some of those lights!!!! What a steal. (I haven't received a White Company £10 voucher, I think it is only a selected few - *sobs*).

  2. I love fairy lights ... the more the merrier at this time of year, I say!

  3. Love the earring too...checked out d M&S site and boy do they have lovely selection...thanks for d post, i will b purchsing some of those d snood tutorial and your outfit as well:-)

  4. Fab bargain for the lights. I thought the ones I managed to pick up at Wilko in previous years were good for a fiver but you beat me this time.

    Excellent tutorial - very easy to follow. I'm still not getting one. I still remember the ones where people wore them on their heads as hoods and it left a nasty impression on me.

  5. Love the snood pix and am wondering if I can pull off a snood/fairy light combo? Lol!!

  6. Gonna rub it in now, I got a £15 voucher! Only because I spent bundles on xmas pressies and a candle for moi! Great lights, need to go to Poundland pronto!


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