Thursday, 6 March 2014

Zip code, I think I love you

I went out today to return the awful (with apologies to anyone who actually liked them) 'Guess' sneakers. 

Job done, I wandered over to Russell and Bromley to see if they had recovered from their mysterious fire. Things were even more surreal today. Immaculately coiffed young men kept emerging from the basement wearing blue surgical style dust masks with their hands black from soot. I didn't ask.

Now I don't know about your experiences there, but the staff still doggedly persist in bringing out 'matching' bags every time you try on shoes. It's quite quaint and I normally humour them (while secretly being a bit irritated) by making appropriate noises. This time however, I actually had a proper look (in a fairly desultory way to pass the time) but wow I was glad I did: what a bag!

I give you my new crush: ZIP CODE.  Possibly the cutest and best and most ingenious cross body bag I've seen for many a year.

Reader, I bought it. I came away shoe-less sadly, as my size was out of stock.But I am so happy with this bag.


It is cleverly designed inside (a bit 'a-la-Hindmarch') with self contained card slots and pockets. These are in the centre of the bag between the 2 outer zipped compartments. You wouldn't need a wallet, just a coin purse.  There's another useful open pocket at the back of the bag.  The two halves of the bag snap together even when the top flap is left undone (I loved this bit - am easily impressed!) - as magnets are sewn into each side.

The size is perfect, the strap length is perfect. The leather (lovely textured grainy effect) is perfect. The colour is perfect. I could go on. I simply just fell in love with this bag. It has enough to contain all you need for a night out, or a shopping trip. It's about 20cm wide and 17cm high, so it's not a general everyday bag, it's not large enough, but it's well deigned for what it needs to do. 

I bought the navy, althogh it's available in several other colours and finishes (even glitter to match the sneakers I blogged about the other day! Bit OTT that would be maybe...)

The only snag is that it's a bit pricey at £145 but I was in need of a pick me up and today, this bag was the answer.  I will get so much use and enjoyment from it. :-)

 I bought this bag with my own money and have not been paid to review it. I genuinely love it and wanted to share.



  1. Seriously cute, I can see why you invested xx

    1. Have used it non stop Sharron, love it :-) x

  2. it's lovely, and best of all not too heavy, i am so over big bags that kill your shoulders!

    1. I am so with you on that! It's impossible to overload this one, which is good discipline for me, as I tend to carry stuff 'just in case'. Xx

  3. Its really sweet. Im sure you will get loads of use out of it. Love how a bag can make us smile. I have my White Stuff tan leather Cruz bag that I bought 2 years ago now. It is not big nor is it small but it has a long shoulder strap and a smaller strap if you want to carry it. So soft and buttery. Bought my daughter one too.

    1. Soft and buttery - two words never fail to make me smile, nay salivate! Your bag sounds great and very versatile. X


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