Monday, 3 March 2014


I'm in 'save or splurge' befuddlement.

What started it all off was 'the sneaker'.  A must have item, which, as  seen when browsing seamlessly through the 'all is beautiful' land of net-a-porter and so on, looks so alluring, so up to date and so easy to incorporate seamlessly into one's wardrobe.  Now browsing the likes of net-a-porter for inspiration is all very well, but I am lost in the mire. I am swamped by sneakers.  

My head is going 'ow ow ow' and I have a virtual shopping list as long as you like, which brings me back to the title of the post. (I had better prefix this post by saying I am always very late to the party with matters such as this - i.e. sneakers - and so apologise in advance for my insane ramblings about something which any and all readers probably have sussed long ago!)

Here's a quick round up of what 's been doing the rounds in my head. I shall divide and conquer my wish into 'flat' and 'high'. 

First flats.

Dilemma: hmm how much longevity here?

Or maybe black would be better? 
Dilemma: But then again black is maybe a tad boring and by the way your perfectly good black Converse do not currently work with anything so why buy more black you daft woman?  (That's me talking to myself, you understand...)

Dilemma: see above

Dilemma: see above - black again plus the super high sole is a bit clown like?  (Bargain though - Russell & Bromley do you read me?)

Dilemma(s):  Lined partly with sheepskin these would no doubt be warm which is not necessarily a bad thing. But how would that cope with bare feet and is that such a good idea for s spring / summer item?  Also compounded by above 'more black' dilemma

Dilemma: Not black, but would probably tire of raspberry, not being a big wearer of the shade. 

Oh and there was one non-sneaker which made it onto the wish (or whatever) list too. Which is probably the only sensible thing on there as it would bring new life to my boyfriend jeans with which I had another tussle at the weekend which amused and depressed me in equal measure. A good look was not obtained, let's just say. A topic for another day perhaps!)

Now the 'highs' (technical term, you know what I mean hopefully!)

Item: Ash 'Bea' midnight. Er, from My Wardrobe I think. £179.  Losing the plot a bit at this stage. 
Quandry:  Love the midnight. Love the name Ash (geddit) plus 'Bea' - it's a personalised number plate in a shoe!  Not so love the white sole though.  

Then spotted these......

Item: Ash Bowie black.  £169 My Wardrobe
Quandry: Love the dark soles. Wish could buy navy version with navy - or black - soles. 
(Could I take a marker pen to the Beas above? )

Then oh glee of glee, I found some higher glittery ones on the Russell & Bromley website. These my magpie like brain really does like.  But the cost is WAY too much for what they are, I think. I mean, really - almost £300? Might as well go the whole hog & get  Saint Laurent or something.)

Dilemma:  just don't feel they are worth it.

Item: Back to Ash Bea - burgundy and gold from Atterley Road. £179.  Scratching the 'shiny' itch again.
Dilemma: have reached saturation point and can no longer form coherent opinion on any type of sneaker.

Dilemma: as above

Finally a 'non sneaker' to finish off the high brigade:
Russell & Bromley Style name 'Manned' (Stuart Weitzman) - £245 (again - 'too much' I say...)

Well I guess (assuming you are still here) that after reading that lot you are probably as befuddled as me.  

Final thought: If you fail with shoes, look at handbags. 

* * * * *

Any advice on sneakers gratefully received!

The answer, I'm sure, is not to go to TK Maxx and buy some bizarre 'Guess' brown canvass logo'd ones, which is of course what I did. I tried to upload a photo. iPhoto crashed. It has taste clearly. Probably no bad thing except that I have deprived you of a howl of laughter!

Oh - and having made Russell & Bromley today with a few minutes to spare (my usual style of shopping - so relaxing - NOT) I discovered they were closed due to a fire. Although the door was open, jeans clad assistants barred the way and men were inside hurling sand around the still immaculate pastel and coral loafer and tote displays. An odd kid of fire. But mine is not to reason why.

* * * * *


  1. LOL. LOL. You have me as confused as you. I've honestly no idea what you are looking for. If you want to do sneakers, why not try something like this which might scratch the itch for a not insane price. They were very comfy when I tried them but I did size down which I was able to do as I saw them instore. The white soles on something like this is acceptable as the colourway is very light. But ooh - I'm liking the Anya Hindmarch offerings there. I popped in to one of their stores at the weekend and they have such lovely bags. Just wish I could afford to indulge. Ah well.

    Look forward to the next instalment - take back the Guess ones - iPhoto is telling you something!

    1. I like those Sue, they are a good price - didn't think of H&M - duh!
      I had totally omitted the high street offerings from my virtual trawl and the OCD part of me demands that I now do a similar exercise for them. (Better get stocked up on the old Migraleve!)

  2. I think the slip trainer or as the fashion world call it the skater shoe would work best with your wardrobe, they would look cool with your tube skirts from Whistles. I have moments like that fixated on one thing than get directed into another way...... Mainly handbags like you the Outnet have some fab Anya's in at the moment. Xx

    1. Yes spot on! I started out being fixated on the shoes but none are really doing it for me at the moment - wheras the handbags I don't really need but now want both - such bargains! xx

  3. i bought some Ash ones, which are a mid height, they are seriously the most comfortable shoes i have ever worn, the higher ones are just a touch to high for proper running to the bus or carrying heavy unglam to admit to real life on a blog!


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