Thursday, 29 August 2013

Short story

Or Shorts Story actually, that was the name.

Mentally filed away for later use.

If (like many a time I suspect) you wonder what on earth this woman is wittering on about - it's this:

OPI Shorts Story - available here from John Lewis 
(click on the 5th colour swatch, 2nd row!)

Pink - yes.
Sickly - possibly.
On my wish list - (for some unfathomable reason) - yes.

Pink suits me, I do believe. In the light of 2 x pink lipsticks and a Bobbi Brown 'pale pink' blusher, I'm hoping so anyway!

Other items on my wish list:

Jigsaw pleated skirt

I also have in my sights:

  • Pink tweed Jigsaw skirt (there I was I hoping Jigsaw were 'finding their way' again... but no picture on website!)
  • Orla Kiely pink(see the worrying trend?) and blue scarf - no picture anywhere - but it's in John  Lewis. Helpful (not).
The White Company autumn catalogue had arrived; nothing immediately grabbed me. There was nothing offensive, but just a rehash of last winter (most of which already seem to have bought!)

Having said that, I may make an exception for this maxi skirt:

A couple of recent outfit pictures below. Excuse the general carnage which surrounds me. I've momentarily lost the wherewithal and time to do anything about it.

Still surviving on a 10 (ok maybe 15) item wardrobe. (Not including accessories!)

Breton shrt sleeved top - H&M
Black capri trousers - Sainsbury's
White jersey 'biker' style cardigan - Florence & Fred (Tesco) <-- thanks to Sue at Susie So So for that tip :-)
Shoes - Russell and Bromley (old)

Shirt - Musto (don't ask) (How did it survive the cull..? Double don't ask!)
Trousers - Sainsbury's as above
Bag & Shoes - Mulberry & Russell & Bromley as above


  1. Pink! I want pink nail varnish too but the one I'm absolutely obsessed with is Chanel's Elixir. I tried it last week and now nothing else will do. And why do they have to cost so much??? Granted it's not quite as "pink" as your OPI one but it's pinkish and I never normally do pink.

    You managed to get the Tesco biker jersey jacket then - how did you fare with the White Company one or do you have that one too?

    And do you dare list out your 10 item wardrobe? Just curious.

    1. Ooh - spooky - I tried Elixir too - at least I tried something but couldn't be 100% sure if that was the name, and didn't want to risk buying wrong colour online. It is dee-vine!! Darker richer pinky red - but lovely. And I fear it will be sold out if I leave it to long. Save your Boots points - that's what I do :-)

      The White Co biker jacket was worn today with another variation of outfit (a) - it's good but the F&F one is equally good - amazing considering the price difference. I actually think I prefer the white one as it 'lifts' an outfit more - and there was me thinking white was impractical!

      List the 10 items -ooo - risky - but I'll think about it! It's pretty random! (And includes our friend the Musto shirt!?!)

    2. I got it. I went in and got my Elixir. Needs must.

    3. Yay - well done you! x

  2. Love that nail polish but I have so many already! Love that Jigsaw skirt but for the White Co one, I don't think I would wear a jersey maxi in winter only summer. Amazed you are still managing on so few items, I must try this! x

    1. I need to have a look at the Jersey one - but interesting and yes I think I agree with you - could well be best for summer. Haven't tried the Jigsaw one yet - but looked good in window. The 10 items will soon be 20.... temptation, temptation!! xx

  3. Gorgeous pink - I love OPI polishes too. The Joules jumper is a lovely colour on you too. I need to have a sort out of my wardrobe once I am prepared to accept that Autumn is going to arrive. I'm not sure I could get down to 10 items though ! Well done! X

    1. And there I was thinking I couldn't wear pink :-) Let us know how your wardrobe cull goes - I found it really energising / liberating! x

  4. The diffused light is very arty, photographers spend hours getting that effect. That pink is FAB, very Lady Penelope!

    1. I don't know how or why I get that light effect. It only appears in photos (with no flash) - very odd. Maybe it's a ghost! x

  5. Oh, clever you to get the Tesco white biker jacket - looks great. I'm liking the pink nail polish too .. nice and bright for the forthcoming darker days of winter :)

    1. That Tesco jacket was a fab find, it is equally as good as the navy White Company one I have which was about 4x the price! x

  6. Hi, well done to get your wardrobe down to a minimal amount of items......its surprising how many looks you can achieve when you do this! I need to have a cull of my sock and knicker drawer, some of which go back about twenty years!....SCARY!!! xx

    1. Yes it has surprised me, I think accessories are key - you don't tend to notice the clothes so much, they become more of a foundation for eye catching accessories. Good luck with the sock and knicker drawer!! xx


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