Wednesday, 7 August 2013

A new lipstick, an old favourite and a lightbulb moment

Ok. There are 3 sections to this evening's ramblings.

1. Make-up is a good 'pick me up'
(a)  It is size-less.
(b)  A lipstick rarely fails to make you feel happy.
(c)  It is relatively inexpensive - good happiness ratio per £.

Bobbi Brown Lipstick - Sandwash Pink (nice natural pink)

2. Some things are classics ....
....and therefore possibly boring and unexciting and uninspiring to keep 'repeat buying'. But don't let that stop you. It's stopped me in the past. Boredom, the feeling that there must be something newer or better or more exciting out there (there rarely is).  A case in point, continuing the lipstick theme: I give you Lipcote. It is fab.  (See '1' above - extends wearage and spreads the happiness.)

3.  The happier are the less you buy (need) and the better you look in your meagre items
You can waft through life with the fabled 10 item wardrobe (I've even done a 5 item wardrobe in the past when really on cloud 9) and not get bored.

You glow and clothes accentuate that fact. They set off the person, rather than attempting to conceal or distract from the fact that the wearer (i.e. me) is in fact a bored and unhappy blob.

This leads me on to (and I am sorry if this offends anyone, that would never be my intention) weight.

We all have a weight we feel comfortable with and which feels good for us.  I am not about to preach to anyone about what they should weigh. Personally speaking however, I feel too heavy at the moment and my clothes just don't hang right. Personally speaking, I find my clothes look better when I weigh less. I find I buy less. And what I do own looks better and keeps working.

Maybe because I feel healthier and happier, I need to shop less. I need less of the boost that new stuff brings.

Sorry to have veered off into the realms of psychology slightly. It just reflects how I feel at present.

And sorry if I am spouting the blindingly obvious and you all already know all of the above. Happy you. I wish I could hang on to it!

3 (i) Footnote to the cashmere jumper
Having reviewed my post from yesterday and deciding that it was utter nonsense and that I neither needed or wanted either colour sweater, I looked awful in both :-(  - I returned the navy and actually felt good about doing so!

My navy cotton one will do fine for now.  Spending £££ will not make me feel better.  Losing the other kind of £ (lb) will.

Am I mad?  Hopefully it is a mild version of 'mad' or PMT related.

I am going to go with the flow and blog my wild ramblings.

Many a time in the past there has been no blog because I've thought 'oh I can't blog, I have no decent pictures', or 'I feel down, I can't write happy things and pretend to be happy', or ' I look cr&p, no one wants to see that'... etc.

And last year when I was in  'down' patch, many people said don't worry - just blog about what is on your mind and 'write through it'.... so here I am doing just that.


PS  And I still shared a new lippy with you (all is not entirely lost!) ;-)


  1. I totally understand about the happy weight. I am not at mine at the moment and it is not shifting and so I find myself struggling with what I'm wearing on a daily basis. I have so many things just "hanging around" because I just don't feel good in them and so I've found myself slowing down on the blogging front too. When I am just that few pounds lighter, I am so much happier. Call me shallow if you like.

    1. It's not shallow, it just affects your mood, which in turn impacts on your approach to life. I aspire to the mythical day (hopefully will become a reality) when i a, a stable weight!

  2. I agree too. It is about how we feel ourselves not what others say of think about us. I am on some medication at the moment that makes me bloat up and gain pounds and I feel miserable about it. My favourite clothes all get tight and then I eat more to feel better. Oh well. I just buy more lipstick - same day as you I posted lipsticks! Must be in the air! X

  3. You are 100% right on all of the above. I know someone who gained 3 stone, got a shopping addiction, worked like a Trojan to lose the weight and is a different person now. It feels awful to be so shallow when there are people who can't get enough to eat in the world, but life is too short to not feel that you are not getting the most out of it. You need to feel good in your own skin. I really hope that you can find something that you love that makes it easy for you to shift those unwanted pounds! And I am so buying some Lipcote, I haven't bought since the 80s and I love nostalgia more than Chanel or YSL!!

    1. Life is too short, we each owe it to ourselves to get the most out of it and be true to our inner feelings. I don't think that's shallow really - happiness breeds happiness. Glad to have reminded you of Lipcote :-) x

  4. ....err the bit about making the best of life, a few too many negatives there, but you know what I mean!

  5. Love this post - the honesty is wonderful - and agree with so much of it. I actually think it's the hot weather doing it to us all as I have slowed down so much physically since it got hot. I've not been walking or going to exercise classes...instead I've been drinking Pimms and wine! And it's showing for me too. And I'm buying again...there's a logic to it all. Roll on the cooler weather and I'm vowing to move more and drink less. xx

    1. Thanks Avril - I was in a very honest mood! Autumn suits me better too - I just can't be arsed to do many things in the hot weather, and exercise for the sake of it is certainly one of them. Especially at the expense of wine ;-) xx


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