Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The leopard print

I have been having a small crisis over the Primark leopard print skinny jeans.

  • Can a 40 year old woman really wear this look without channelling Bet Lynch? And...
  • The skinnies are not so skinny, (obvious really on my chubby little legs - but there's still surplus fabric there) and that's before any stretch.  I'd sized up as I assumed Primark (being cheap) would not be generous in the sizing - more likely the reverse. I have no idea if that's normally the case. Hmm what to do - change for normal size or abandon altogether....? Any advice here?
I can't decide if they are hideous on me or not. Hubby said they looked better on than he expected (what kind of a backhanded compliment is that?!)  Cardigan - old charcoal/ smoke coloured Jigsaw chiffon trim (fished out at random so the whole look is not quite 'there').  Bag is my lovely Mulberry Mitzy. (Outlet bargain!)

Best thing is the bag!
Earlier in the day I had been wearing my new black Primark capris (bought yesterday) with a nude Primark vest and an old Topshop blush / beige voile blouse with a ruffled front. I love blush / beige and wear a lot of it as it works well with my favourites navy, white, tan and black and (dare I claim it) forms the basis of a good 'capsule' collection for me. Shoes are trusty White Stuff beige suede wedges. 
Capris - Primark; Vest - Primark; Blouse - Topshop (old); Shoes - White Stuff (old)
(Sorry the photos are a bit dark and blurry, unsure why - but they are a lot better that the so called 'enhanced' version iphoto offered me!)
Trusty White Stuff wedges from last year

Also below is a close-up of my bargain Asos gold leather sandals from my post the other day - £7 in the sale and still available on the Asos website here although only in smaller sizes now, I see. They have them in other colours too - see here. (I am considering getting the orange version as well as I like them so much.) 

Asos Fearne Gold Sandals - £7 bargain :-)



  1. Thanks for the close up of the ASOS sandals - they are great! So very tempted if it wasn't pouring with rain here in Belfast :(
    Regarding the leopard print skinnies, they're a no no for me but like your husband, I actually think they look ok on you - nice outfit which tones them down. They are certainly not Bet Lynch like but I don't seem to suit them...have tried on in Zara and they looked tragic on me lol Xx

    1. Thanks!Hope your weather cheers up soon! I think the leopard prints are quite hard to wear 'mentally'..and agree more toned down is definitely better! x

  2. I have snakeprint ones and I'm 42 but I couldn't resist them. I find wearing something longish on top hides some of the print and then it doesn't feel as in your face if you're feeling a little nervous around them. The husband hasn't banned me from wearing them so far so they can't be that bad or he would very truthfully tell me.

    Also - you don't look like Bet Lynch in them. Try styling with a longer line boyfriend style cardigan perhaps? I know you just dug out the Jigsaw cardi but funny things like the length of a cardi can make the world of difference to the way an outfit works.

    1. I love your snake-print ones - they look great on you, but I see they were from a while back. Wise buy :-) I agree longer length top is better, I can't understand why I have no black long line tops - whenever I have a clear-out that's all my wardrobe seems to contain!

  3. Thanks for visitng my blog and making a comment. I have enjoyed catchingup with yours. I am 46 and still wear exactly what I want. The only proviso is that I feel good in it. Not bothered about anyone else.
    The skinnies look good on you. The rest of the outfit is neutral so it works for me. But the main question is: do you feel good in it?

    1. Thanks for commenting... yes I do like them but I think the rest of the outfit needs to be plainer - almost boring - to avoid any 'over the top-ness'. A good excuse to go shopping as it would appear I have no long black tops! :-0


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