Saturday, 28 July 2012

My journey into blogging starts.

And I am having trouble typing, good start!

I am a mum aged 40, and yes even at my time of life, I still need to work out what suits me, clothes wise.I've decided to keep a diary (ok, blog, better 'get with' the correct terminology!) to record my choices.

I can't claim to be stylish really, like so many of the other lovely fashion bloggers, but I do like nice things and have an eye for a bargain (and for an investment buy!)

Now, a somewhat inauspicious start - a rather wonky mirror perched precariously on top of some shoe boxes (oh the glamour I live in!) 

So - my efforts on day one are as above. I am wearing:

A close up of the scarf
Comments welcome - that is, assuming anyone actually finds and reads this - which is (a) a mystery to me as I know not how these things work; and (b) fairly unlikely given the paucity of the content!

PS I will be honest, even if the finished choice looks pants - as that's the whole point of doing this - so please don't laugh (too much) ;-)

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