Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Stayin' alive

Oh dear - what a failure January has been on the blogging front.

A combination of factors (will not bore you all) has meant that I seem to have lost my style mojo, my shopping mojo, my photographyt mojo (such as it ever was!!) and everything else...

One bargain to report - and it was a stonking one - a White Company duvet cover with £100 off (that's what I call a bargain! No picture sadly due to general ineptitude..) but very little else has been going on.

Just to prove I still exist - not recent, but in RI wedges and White Company cords.

Never mind, January (horrid depressing month at the best of times I find) is almost over.

Here's to a stylish February :-)


  1. Yay - nice to hear from you! Here's to a good February for you!

  2. Welcome back .. you've been missed in the Blogging World :)

  3. It is such a long, cold, wet month. XXX

  4. I forgive you because of the duvet cover, what a bargain!


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